Valley Fresh is the internal module of Heppell’s Potato Corp. It is located in Cloverdale area. Potato, squash, carrot and pumpkin are the main crops grown at the company farms. The approximate horticultural scale is:
750 acres of potatoes
120 acres of squash
75 acres of carrots
20 acres of pumpkins

Potatoes are grown in nutrition enriched soil. Entire quantity of the vegetables produced is meticulously washed, packed and then distributed to the customers. Potatoes are packed in different packages with respect to the quantity and type. Quality check measures are carried out every stage of production and processing to ensure customers get even size, less dots and high nutritive potatoes.
BC Fresh distribution and Heppell’s Distribution system takes up the task of potatoes delivery for table-top consumption.

Distribution of around 70% of the total production is managed by BC Fresh Inc. Its network is wide spread all across Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond and Burnaby. It primarily focuses on root crops.

Heppell’s own distribution system is responsible for remaining 30% of the produce. Langley, Abbotsford, White Rock and other townships in Lower Mainland BC are the areas served by the company.

The different potato packages available are:

Various Packings offered