Heppell’s maintenance team is round the clock dedicated to assist Heppell’s farm and field operations. Any breakdown of the farm equipment and machinery can be fixed in-house at the workshop. It is fully equipped facility that can solve operational issues for tractors, trucks, conveyors, equipments and irrigation systems. Other farm related tasks are also managed by Heppell maintenance team.

Other than Heppell farm, other farm owners can also visit the workshop if they need any farm machinery parts. With prior notice, parts of all major manufacturers are supplied at a competitive price.

Shop’s working hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is open from Monday to Friday. Usually shop remains closed on weekends but during busy cultivation periods it is also open on Saturdays (subject to availability of resources).


For any inquiries on job openings in the shop or training programs for mechanics contact shop manager.

Chris P

Call: +1-(604)-830-5630

Email: chris@heppells.ca